DNIPRO PREMIUM CLINIC is a team of like-minded persons who implement a complex of important interrelated actions necessary for performing an effective treatment of patients on the territory of Ukraine and abroad. We consider that timely useful information about various methods of treatment is extremely important because it significantly spares patient’s time. By means of rendering counseling services we do not cast doubt on capabilities of our domestic medicine. On the contrary we actively inform the public
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Surgery for breast reconstruction after mastectomy
The company DNIPRO PREMIUM CLINIC is pleased to announce the possibility of a unique surgery for breast reconstruction after mastectomy...
DNIPRO PREMIUM CLINIC will invite you to get acquainted with the system of health protection
The Israeli system of health care is rightfully considered one of the leading ones in the world. In some spheres (such as oncology, pla...
DNIPRO PREMIUM CLINIC is the official representative of Ukraine in GENEFRON
DNIPRO PREMIUM CLINIC Company is the official representative of GENEFRON in Ukraine. We are happy to introduce a completely innovative...
Scientists have revealed the reason of overeating in case of the rare hereditary disease
According to approximate estimates every 15000th person suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome. This syndrome occurs in the result of certa...
Artificial muscles have been invented in the USA. These muscles can be made of nylon
Engineers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have invented a simple and inexpensive method for creating flexible artifi...
New opportunities in treatment of oncologic diseases
Oncologic diseases are one of the main reasons of morbidity and mortality in the world.  Every day cancer is diagnosed in 14 million of...