Treatment in Israel

Israel is one of the world's leading providers of high-quality medical services. Speaking about the medicine of this country, it is necessary to emphasize the highest level of doctors' qualifications, advanced technologies and an integrated approach to each patient. It is on these three components that the entire medicine of Israel is based. The treatment for each patient in Israel is strictly personified, individually planned to the smallest detail.
It is also worth mentioning another advantage of treatment in Israel - at the same level as in Germany or the USA, treatment in Israel is really much lower, this is what ensures the influx of patients from different countries of the world and makes visiting of this country by CIS citizens especially popular.
No one doubts that certain diseases are best treated in Israel. Many grateful patients have already made sure that highly qualified oncologists, neurosurgeons, cardiologists work in this country. Plastic surgery in Israel is one of the best in the world. It has long been known that the earlier any disease is diagnosed, the more effectively it is treated, up to complete recovery. This applies even to oncology. This disease recently loses the status of "incurable". The main thing is to find the enemy in the deepest ambush, at the earliest stage. Also, with timely diagnosis, you can stop the development of such dangerous heart diseases as heart attack, stroke, atrial fibrillation. Attentive and professional approach requires disease that affects the human nervous system.

Diagnosis is the beginning of the beginning of any treatment. And in this area, Israel has left behind many civilized countries. In search of qualified and accessible assistance, humane treatment of patients, people are increasingly choosing this country not only because they use the most modern diagnostic methods on equipment that sometimes do not have analogs in the world, but also because of the unique climate provided by the Dead The sea, and the cleanest ecology. Israel has such healing resources, which are not available in other countries.

Doctors of Israel are unusual people who will quickly identify the main problems that worry a patient of any age, and also prescribe effective treatment. They undertake the treatment of seemingly impossible tasks, treat severe illnesses.

The attitude towards children in the clinics of Israel is special. Children crying in the walls of clinics sounds very rare, because the first person who meets a baby in the hospital is a clown therapist and well-trained psychological animators, whose goal is to make the small patient's experience as easy as possible.

Having once visited Israel, having felt the care and attention of the best doctors in the world, the patient understands that it is not worth spending time on numerous consultations with questionable doctors, you should apply for proper medical help on time.

Treatment and diagnostics in Israel are unique opportunities, human genius and decency, another dimension, this new healthy, full of joy LIFE!

The best clinics in Israel with which it cooperates


Haim Shib Medical Center
Medical center "Assuta"
Asaf-a-Rofe Medical Center
Hadassah Medical Center
Ichilov Clinic
Wolfson Medical Center
Clinic "Ramat Aviv Medical Center"
The Nika-Israel Clinic
Children's Hospital "Schneider"
A rehabilitation center for "Aline" children
Center ABA therapy and comprehensive rehabilitation Julia ERZ
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