Treatment in the USА

Today the organization of treatment in the US certainly popular, because America is one of the leaders of world medicine. The high efficiency of treatment due to many factors, such as federal support (health financing), unique modern equipment, highly effective drugs, service and training of doctors.

Quite often terminally ill patients come to the US for the last chance of cure or prolonging life. Innovative medical technology, diagnostics and modern equipment enable work wonders.

American medicine is definitely more expensive than in several European countries, but it is certainly advanced, offering the most effective treatment to date.

Speaking of innovative medical technologies the US, we mean:

  • computer and magnetic resonance imaging - development of diagnostics led to a different level of precision.
  • The invention statins - they reduce cholesterol has become much easier.
  • Development of mammography - created a set of methods for studying breast cancer.
  • Development of ACE inhibitors that are effective even in the most acute cases of heart failure.
  • Advanced methods for coronary artery bypass surgery.

And this is only the most significant innovative technology the US for a quarter century, but there are others!

It is important to know that there are unique methods of diagnosis and treatment of rare diseases, which are available only in this country because American leadership is justified. Moreover, in the US some of the best methods of care, which includes a lot of kind of unique procedures helps to perpetuate the effect of the treatment (which may be cerebral palsy, genetic diseases, cancer or multiple sclerosis), which in many cases is one the key points.

Top US clinic, which cooperates company Dnipro Premium Clinic

  1. Massachusetts General clinical hospital in Boston, Massachusetts
  2. Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota
  3. Medical Center of the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA Medical Center)
  4. Cleveland Clinic (Cleveland Clinic), Ohio
  5. Women's Hospital Brihhem (Brigham and Women's Hospital), Boston, Massachusetts
  6. Institute of North Carolina for people with disabilities, USA (Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities, USA)

Dear friends! Dnipro Premium Clinic company offers its services on the selection of the best clinics in the US profile that matches your disease. We will promptly organize treatment abroad, thus bringing you to full recovery.

Bless you!