Treatment in France

The level of treatment in France is worthy of respect, as it was recognized as the best in the world, as evidenced by the conclusion of the World Health Organization of 2000. In this country, one of the highest health indicators of the nation, and the planned life expectancy of the population increases every year by three months.

All medical institutions in France can be divided into three types: public hospitals, private clinics and charities. A unique model of the French public health and commercial medical sector provides the highest standards of treatment and access to the latest medical technologies and the achievements of modern medicine.

Today, France is one of the most popular destinations in European medical tourism. Medical institutions of the country conduct diagnostics and highly specialized treatment at the level of the best world standards in the field of cardiology and cardiosurgery, oncology, gynecology and other areas of modern medicine.

The newest multiparameter and multimodal systems make it possible to detect a cancer tumor and its type at the very first or so-called "mute" stages. For example, simultaneous use of multibaret and positron scanners, as well as nuclear magnetic resonance, allows obtaining an accurate diagnosis. The information obtained in this way without surgical intervention in its characteristics is equal to the information obtained in the histological study, that is, the study of the removed tissue under the microscope.

Another example of medical progress is laparoscopic surgery, which has been widely recognized in the world in the last decade. French laparoscopic surgery is in the lead today, it is the French surgeons who teach this discipline in Cambridge, which has just begun its development in England. This method of surgery without incision has become dominant in all occupations, since it gives the highest degree of safety in controlling the completeness of cancer removal. In this case, it is possible to maintain vital physiological functions with minimal blood loss. For example, after radical prostatectomy for cancer, the patient is discharged on the second day after surgery.

France is also the world-renowned capital of aesthetic surgery and cosmetology. No less famous is this country and its resorts and health centers.

The best clinics in France, with which it cooperates


Oncological Institute Gustave Russi
Rothschild Ophthalmology Clinic
Clinic of Neurosurgery and Oncology European Hospital La Rosera
Hospital Pitie Salpetriere
The Ambroise Paré Cardiology Center
Orthopedic Clinic of Arago
The St Isabelle
The Rehabilitation Center of Dr. Boyer
International Kians-Van Ophthalmologic Center
The Bizet Clinic

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