Treatment in Lithuania

Today Lithuania is undoubtedly one of the most advanced European countries with a fairly high level of health care. Thousands of patients worldwide each year are sent to this country by the traditionally high quality and high-tech medical care. Leading medical directions for this country is cardiology, surgery, allergology, endocrinology, ophthalmology, hematology, urology, gynecology and neurology and Lithuanian spa resorts are famous for their unique long tradition of spa treatment and with more than four centuries of experience treating serious diseases.

Without exception Lithuanian clinics are paid, but the level of service to them is one of the highest in Europe.

The benefits of treatment in Lithuania should include a comprehensive approach to combat various diseases. People who need skilled care, can use the precision diagnosis, undergo treatment and rehabilitation. In addition, they can rest and get healthier in a Lithuanian resorts that are famous for its mud baths and mineral springs.

Nowadays, the leading Lithuanian clinic equipped with modern medical equipment and precision by which the chances of full recovery of patients is quite high. The quality of training of Lithuanian doctors, many of whom have degrees and are trained regularly in leading medical institutions United States and Europe, is truly impressive.

Lithuania is on the list of countries that are active participants in the international medical tourism program. Therefore, any patient who decided to rest in the Lithuanian resort can simultaneously undergo a comprehensive medical examination and if necessary use the services of leading experts of the country to get rid of a variety of ailments.

Best Lithuania clinic collaborating with Company DNIPRO PREMIM CLINIC

  1. Vilnius Cardiac Surgery Center (JSC "Kardiolita")
  2. The Children's Hospital of Vilnius
  3. Medical Center for diagnosis and treatment
  4. Clinic "Nord Esthetic" in Kaunas
  5. Institute of Oncology, Vilnius University
  6. Baltic-American Clinic
  7. Clinic «Odontika»
  8. Clinical Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences

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