Treatment in Germany

Germany has traditionally been and remains one of the countries with the highest level of quality of medical services, and this is not surprising, since highly organized Germans are thrilled to innovate inventions in the world of medicine, and German scientists own a huge number of scientific discoveries,

There are many clinics in this country (especially in Berlin, Munich, Düsseldorf), both on the basis of universities and privately, and they all have a consistently high quality of services and no less effective treatment. Treatment in Germany is getting the most high-quality medical care on a global scale, as in this country the best clinics working in various fields of medicine are collected.

If we talk about the most popular directions in German medicine, then certainly should be noted diagnostics and rehabilitation, cardiology and cardiosurgery, neurosurgery and gynecology, oncology and orthopedics. In each of the above areas in Germany there are a number of clinics specializing in the treatment of certain pathologies, while in the arsenal of each medical institution and qualified personnel, not only the highest level of knowledge, but also the notorious "German neatness", the latest high-tech equipment, Recent achievements in pharmacology.

The most complex of modern operations in Germany have long and successfully been carried out: transplantation of internal organs, radiosurgery, bone marrow transplantation, etc. In addition, Germany is one of the leading countries in the field of dentistry and plastic surgery, which attracts patients from all over the world to the country. The cost of services in Germany is quite high, but it should be noted that the highest level of quality of medical services minimizes the possibility of any kind of complications.

The best clinics in Germany with which it cooperates


Charite Clinic
DHZB Cardiology Center in Berlin
Clinics of the Gelios concern
Clinic Schlosspark & ​​Park-Clinic Weissensee
Sarkomacenter Berlin - Brandenburg
Clinic of Neuperlach
Specialized urological center Munich-Planegg
Center for Cardiology and Diabetology Bad Oeynhausen
Orthopedic Clinic in Augsburg
Neurological clinic Bad Aibling
Ophthalmological clinic "The Duke of Carl Theodore"
Clinic of minimally invasive neurosurgery in Duisburg

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