Treatment in Poland

Treatment in Poland is becoming increasingly popular among patients with both Western and Eastern Europe. This wellness centers and resorts are usually located near national parks and reserves, contributing to effective treatment and prevention of many diseases (eg cerebral palsy).

In recent years, most public and private clinics in Poland has made significant investments, improving medical equipment and infrastructure. Today, diagnosis and treatment of patients in Poland carried out by experts of the same professional level and medical equipment in its class, as well as in clinics of Western Europe. Through the exchange of experience, internship or training in clinics of Western Europe, Polish doctors diagnose and treat patients in accordance with European and international standards.

Treatment in Poland provides healing of many diseases, asthma, pneumonia, chronic bronchitis, Cold disease (frequent rhinitis, laryngitis, sinusitis, tracheitis), allergic diseases and others.

With its highly educated physicians, advanced diagnostic equipment, affordable prices, cancer treatment, disease of blood vessels and the heart, ENT diseases are traditionally available to many patients who wish to recover from serious illnesses.

The best clinics in Poland, which cooperates company Dnipro Premium Clinic

  1. Clinic "International Center for Hearing and Speech" Medincus "
  2. Center robotic surgery «Wroclaw»
  3. Sports Clinic endoscopic surgery
  4. Polish-American Heart Clinic
  5. Clinic "Exireuil Gamma Knife"
  6. Center for intensive rehabilitation "Olinek"

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