Treatment in Hungary

Hungary - a unique country, which brought in its territory the largest number of hot springs and capital - Budapest - the only European capital which is famed for its miraculous baths.

In Hungary wonderful treat rheumatic diseases, musculoskeletal system - joints, spine, circulatory disorders and other diseases.

In general reserves of curative thermal waters Hungary ranked second in the world. Hungarian thermal waters are widely used in the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal, nervous, gynecological and skin diseases.

Basically, Hungarian healing water is used for bathing, but some water sources and used as drinking.

Globally, Hungary occupies the leading position in balneotherapy. The country is among the five richest thermal water world. Emperors, kings, members of the nobility, famous statesmen, guests and locals enjoyed here for centuries swimming and recreation. Favorable characteristics of water accumulated over many years of knowledge and experience traditional Hungarian hospitality - this is the basis widest choice of offers in the Hungarian thermal, biosphere, spa and wellness resorts. Treatment at the spa Hungary - is a high class recreation and therapy for quite reasonable prices, is getting rid of ailments during acquaintance with a country influence unique combination of thermal water and Hungarian hospitality.

It should be noted that the treatment in clinics in Hungary is not limited to hot springs, there are also many mineral springs whose water copes with diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. A forest reserve, spread out on the lake, gives all the tourists a clean and healthy air. With its low cost and beautiful nature healing treatment known in Hungary (psoriasis, cerebral palsy, teeth, etc.). Increasing every year.

The best clinics in Hungary, which cooperates Company DNIPRO PREMIM CLINIC

  1. Institute. Andras Peto
  2. International Center for Reproduction «CIRIS Budapest»
  3. Center for microsurgery and laser eye surgery «Focus Medical»
  4. Medical Center at the University of Debrecen Medical
  5. Plastic Surgery Clinic Dr. Uittmana

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