Reproductive area and IVF

Infertility is a very urgent problem for many married couples they encounter in the first years of their life together, so IVF naturally becomes the only opportunity to become happy parents.

ECO allows you to become a parent with a variety of health problems, when other methods of infertility treatment are unsuccessful. As a rule, the first attempts at artificial insemination by couples are held in their country, since almost everywhere there is an opportunity to do it for free, but, of course, a limited number of times. When their efforts failed or when the spouses are not satisfied with the level of service and attitude of medical personnel, they turn to the help of foreign specialists.

Many foreign countries now offer their couples from all over the world their IVF services. Clinics for the treatment of infertility have a hospital, where the patient can be under the supervision of a doctor. Also, pre-treatment and hyperstimulation are conducted here to increase the chances of successful conception. If it is necessary to treat both partners, they can undergo a course of therapy together.

Clinics for infertility treatment and IVF abroad

Reproductive medicine clinic Aachen, Germany - one of the leaders in the treatment of infertility in Europe, whose specialists have achieved excellent results. In particular, due to the widespread use of in vitro fertilization, the clinic of gynecological endocrinology and reproductive medicine successfully inseminates patients.

If patients plan infertility treatment in Europe - Aachen University clinic is probably the best solution! In 8 out of 10 cases, the pregnancy takes root, and at the right time the woman produces a healthy baby, 100% genetically native to his parents.

In each specific case, infertility treatment in the clinic is performed according to an individually compiled program.

The private clinic of Dr. Feichtinger, Austria is a well-known and highly professional European Institute of Human Reproduction by the method of artificial insemination. The private clinic of Dr. Feichtinger works under the guidance of Professor Wilfried Feichtinger of the University of Vienna and is equipped according to the highest standards in the field of medicine. Over the years of its existence, the Wunschbaby Center has helped to bring out about 4,000 ECO children.

Center Wunschbaby offers a full range of services to combat infertility, ranging from consultation and genetic analysis and ending with the procedure of artificial insemination. Specialization of the Private Clinic of Dr. Feichtinger: infertility treatment, artificial insemination (using different techniques: IVF, ICSI, IMSI, etc.), preimplantation diagnosis of the embryo, comprehensive prenatal fetal research for developmental defects, treatment of the threat of miscarriage.

Indications for artificial insemination are infertility, which can be caused by hormonal, ovarian, tubal or infectious factors. The procedure of artificial insemination is carried out on an outpatient basis.