Plastic surgery

Today a lot of people wanting to change their appearance resorting to plastic surgery. The greatest demand among operations abroad have plastic surgery to improve the shape of the nose (rhinoplasty). Rhinoplasty can not only change the shape of the nose, but also eliminate breathing problems. The operation lasts a short time (a few hours), but the rehabilitation period until the swelling will be gone and no bruises under his eyes, it takes about a month. Rhinoplasty can be done for patients at least 20 years, since it is at this age finally formed nasal cartilage.

The second most popular after rhinoplasty surgery is the correction of the eyelids - blepharoplasty. Due blefaroplastytsi achieved multiple cosmetic effects: removes bags under the eyes, wrinkles climb, the view becomes more open and the skin - elastic.

For facelift (face-lifting) plastic surgery uses several types of operations: tightening the skin in the forehead, cheeks, chin, neck. All these operations can be performed both separately and together - one approach. Cosmetic outcome face lifting - natural facial rejuvenation. Duration - from two to six hours, admission for two days.

However, plastic surgery of the face correction process often spend lips. This is not a serious surgical reconstruction. Cosmetic increase by contouring the lips - a new trend in plastic surgery, non-surgical, but at the same time very effective method. With injectable gel achieved a number of effects: an increase in the lips, correction of shape, symmetry and providing clarity path.

As for operations with plastic body, plastic surgery overseas has a large number of technologies for mamoplastyky (increase, reduction, breast lift) and breast reconstruction after mastectomy. Thus, along with the already long-known silicone implants currently used technology patchwork donor breast reconstruction own tissues. Skin and muscle tissue can be taken from the abdomen, back or buttocks of the patient, thus providing a double effect - and breast reconstruction, such as tummy tuck.

Affordable cost of plastic operations in Israel, Turkey, Germany, Hungary, making them accessible to a wide range of patients and thus guarantees high quality of service lasting and natural result.

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Dr. Zsolt Reyves aim - to get the best results with every transaction that meets the expectations of patients, thereby restore self-confidence and open up new opportunities in life.

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Qualified personnel and functional interior are the main advantages Noa Clinic. Clinic doctors improve their skills, participating in national and international seminars and symposiums. Clinic nurses are trained to provide professional skills training assistance to clients after surgery. High clinical results achieved through the use of modern equipment and tools as well as cosmetic products of the highest class.