Proctology disease

Proctology - a branch of medicine that studies diseases of rectum and colon, as well as diseases of the anus and adrectal area. Probably the most common disease is Proctology hemorrhoids. This disease is the most common reason for physician visits, proctologist.

But apart from hemorrhoids, proctology also specialize in treating injuries of the rectum, anal fissures, loss of ulcers, proctitis, colitis, anal zudu and many other diseases and conditions. In addition, proctologist is also engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of tumors of the rectum.

Proctology disease in children

Pediatric proctology - a relatively new section of pediatrics, who studies disease of the rectum and placed next to it. The lack of proper and timely treatment can lead to the most serious consequences and the development of diseases that are difficult to treat.

For surgical treatment pediatric proctology typical emergency conditions, which may be accompanied by the following symptoms:

  • Constipation or incontinence of stool;
  • Bloating;
  • Anal itching;
  • Spotting or blood in the stool;
  • Purulent discharge;
  • Rectal prolapse.

For diseases associated with disturbances in the rectum, in foreign clinics use modern diagnostic methods: anoscopy, sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy. After verification of the diagnosis appointed therapeutic, conservative or surgical treatment. Among the surgical techniques, especially maloinvaziynym preferred method of intervention.

Doctors used the most modern methods of treatment:

  • Lihiruvannya dezarteryzatsiya and hemorrhoids;
  • Hemorrhoids Treatment using a laser;
  • Removing polyps and bahromok adrectal fistula with a laser.
  • Treatment proctological diseases abroad

Medical concern "Clinic St. Antonius" (Center proctology), Germany - specializes in treating diseases of the colon and rectum, including diseases of the anal canal. With the latest equipment, knowledge and skills of employees are held proctologic unique operation, which until recently were made only in certain cases, some clinics in Germany. The range of operations on the colon and rectum includes the treatment of cancer, polyps, hemorrhoids, incontinence of stool, severe constipation, particularly in the elimination of problems.

In the center of the newest possible proctology Proctology diagnosis:

  • Rectoscopy (Research rectum)
  • Colonoscopy (colon study)
  • Special examination for fecal incontinence and problems with bowel movements (defecation):
  • Electromyography (EMG)
  • Anal manometry
  • Measuring the speed of conduction of excitation along nerve fibers nervus pudendus
  • Rectal and anal sonography
  • Promote bowel movements

Medicine Center treats all types of diseases of colon and rectum, such as:

  • Operations in colon laparoscopic and endoscopic methods;
  • Minimally - invasive surgery on the rectum;
  • Cancer operative proctology;
  • Surgery metastases of the liver;
  • Operational proctology in inflammatory bowel disease;
  • Obliteration of hemorrhoids
  • Overlap seam ligatures in hemorrhoidal artery;
  • Treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction;

In the center of proctology performed all kinds of advanced proctological operations:

  • Hemorrhoidectomy by Milligan-Morgan and Parks Steplerna
  • Hemoroyidopeksiya modern technologies (Operation Longo)
  • Removal of tumors in the anus
  • Transanal removal of tumors and polyps
  • Full examination of the colon (colonoscopy) while removing polyps
  • Removing anal growths (warts)
  • Operations cracks in the anus without lateral sfinkterektomiyi
  • Operative correction in the mucosa prolapse syndrome (Mucosa-Prolaps)
  • Operations on a roll of the rectum