Diseases of teeth and oral cavity

Dentistry deservedly considered the medical field that are most in demand, because as often as the dentist, patients do not go to any other doctor.

The most common oral diseases include acute aphthous stomatitis, gingivitis, thrush. Among the diseases of the teeth "leaders" deep caries, periodontitis pulpit.

Injuries of teeth in children is 5% of all injuries maxillofacial region. These usually include Tooth slaughter his traumatic dystopiya (dislocation). Damage often fixed teeth in children 2 - 3 and 8 - 11 years, because the most active period of their motor development. The main cause of damage to the teeth in older children - fall on hard surface - floor, table, stairs, young children - dental injuries solid toys.

Cosmetic dentistry and prosthetic make up the list of most popular services of Western experts. This foreign clinics are ready to offer:

• a comprehensive diagnosis of the oral cavity;

• Dental services professionals of different profiles, surgeons, radiologists, internists, parodontolohov, orthodontists;

• Discussion of treatment regimens and indications of warranty;

• materials of last generation, which use significantly increases the efficiency of work performed;

• a dental operations;

• Dental implants

Treatment of teeth and oral cavity abroad

Clinic "Izartor" Germany - one of the best European dental health facilities. The clinic uses the most advanced techniques and modern equipment. Clinic can be called innovation center, a place where ideas are embodied advanced scientific and technological progress in the field of dentistry. Before initiation of therapy in the previous consultation specialist has the possibility of using 3D-modeling computer show virtual patient outcomes. The clinic has a 3D-scanner, digital X-ray equipment for diagnosis with weak radiation, laser equipment of last generation and various relaxation techniques.

Services offered by the clinic:

- implantation,

- oral surgery, maxillofacial surgery,

- jaw orthopedics,

- plastic surgery.

One of the important directions of the clinic "Izartor" in Munich - Pediatric Dentistry. For effective treatment of young patients is a team of physicians, orthopedic jaw, practitioners, pediatricians, speech therapists and therapists and nurses specially qualified to work with children. Services offered for children:

- screening and diagnostics (using 3d-tomography and digital X-ray machine)

- school cleaning teeth in the first year of life,

- professional teeth cleaning,

- removal of caries using a special laser (not drill)

- treatment without pain and without anesthesia, using a laser,

- Treatment of anesthesia (general or local anesthesia) and application to calm sedatives,

- crowns for primary teeth,

- children with prosthetic premature loss of baby teeth.

Dental Clinic European Dental Center, Czech Republic - the first hospital in Central Europe, which were installed zirconium prosthesis bridge (tsiloschelepni and segment) on the second or third day after the implants. This significantly reduces the total time that the customer must spend on care at the clinic, including rehabilitation after surgery. Joint stay in hospital is reduced to 7-10 days.

Clinic European Dental Center ukoplektovana modern dental equipment manufactured in the United States, including such as a digital panoramic X-ray machine and apparatus for CT scanning. In his paper experts use the highest quality materials and anesthetics. It is possible to use analhosedatsiyi.

This during any dental procedures (eg, treatment or implants) patients almost do not feel no pain, no psychological discomfort. At the highest level are in hospital security customers.