Transplantation of organs

In the case of insufficient functioning of individual organs in the patient, particularly the heart, kidneys or liver - the only way out of the difficult situation is transplantation. If conservative methods of treatment do not show the proper result and the only solution is an organ transplant surgery, it is clearly better to conduct it under the guidance of competent doctors in a foreign medical center.

Replacement of the diseased organ prolongs life expectancy and improves the overall well-being of many patients with renal, cardiac or liver failure. Although patients with renal insufficiency can be treated by dialysis, the best way for them is to get a new kidney. If liver, heart and / or lung functions are inadequate, transplantation is the only option, and such operations are now carried out in specialized clinics around the world. Currently, you can also transplant and some other organs, in particular, the pancreas, small intestine or several organs at once.

The Asian Center for Liver Diseases & Transplantation (ACLDT) is a large private center specializing in liver transplantation services for adults and children. Located in the Gleneagles Medical Center in Singapore. The hospital is equipped with modern radiological and endoscopic equipment (including unique FibroScan equipment for diagnosing liver fibrosis), which allows for high-precision diagnosis and effective treatment.

The structure of the Asian Center for Liver Diseases & Transplantation includes the Liver Intensive Care Unit (LICU), which has unique equipment that allows the preparation of patients with acute and chronic liver failure to a transplant operation, in particular, various methods of hepatic dialysis .

The institution carries out transplantation of the donor liver (or part thereof) to needy patients - adults and children with a diagnosis of "liver failure". In addition, the specialists of the institution are engaged in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as pancreatitis, liver cirrhosis, viral hepatitis B and C, as well as liver cancer.

The Information Center for Foreign Patients operates at the center. The department offers the following services to its clients: first aid (possible air evacuation of seriously ill patients), assistance in obtaining a visa, arranging accommodation, consulting and translation services.

Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Czech Republic (IKEM) is one of the most famous and most respected medical institutions in the Czech Republic. The transplant center of the Institute of Clinical and Experimental Medicine (IKEM) has a rich experience in organ transplantation. The results of the clinic's work are comparable with the results achieved in the leading centers of transplantation in Europe and the USA. The transplant center deals with the following issues:

- kidney transplant,

- liver transplantation,

- combined transplantation of the pancreas and kidneys.

Apollo Medical Center, India. On the basis of the Apollo Medical Center, the Institute of Transplantology operates, which is one of the largest among institutions of this kind. In this medical institution, specialists practice the transplantation of kidneys, liver, cornea and other organs, carry out hemodialysis, etc. When carrying out the procedure of transplantation, doctors adhere to the rules, norms and standards legalized by the International Health Organization.

Why should I be treated at this clinic:

Medical center provides complex services in 52 areas of medical science.

Diagnosis, as well as treatment is carried out through the use of modern high-tech equipment.

Developed in the clinic of telemedicine, that is, qualified doctors advise patients using modern means of communication.

Doctors are engaged in research activities, significant and unique achievements are being introduced into practice.

The staff of the clinic works in a coordinated manner, so all the necessary assistance is timely and is highly effective.