Air Ambulance

Unfortunately, nobody is assured against an accident, serious diseases, injuries etc. It often happens that patient’s condition is quite critical and he/she needs to be transported to the place of treatment on the territory of Ukraine as well as abroad.

DNIPRO PREMIUM CLINIC will help to organize medical air transportation of patients performed by the Air Ambulance. Air Ambulance is a private plane equipped with all necessary medical facilities ensuring a complex of resuscitation measures during the flight and helping to control all patient’s vital systems and organs. If we compare cases of patient transportation by land or by air, we can see that in the second case serious patients receive more chances for salvation. 


Air Ambulance is equipped with high-tech resuscitation equipment. And that makes this kind of ambulance an ideal method of transportation in the most urgent cases. A team of physicians will take the patient to the airplane, they will accurately carry the patient aboard and will accompany him during the entire flight. And in addition to that an ambulance car (resuscitation ambulance) will meet the patient in the airport of the other city, the other country and will bring him/her to the required place (for investigation, treatment or surgery or to the place of residence).Air Ambulance charter flight may be performed on the territory of Ukraine, to CIS countries, European countries or to any place in the world.