Translation of medical documents with notarization

A notarized translation of documents is required in case of going abroad, for driving a car, for receiving medical services, for representation of interests of third parties or for buying real estate.

Notarization of translated documents is a kind of legalization of official documents for their further presentation to public authorities of Ukraine or another country. In the process of legalization notarization makes the document legally valid on the territory of the other country.

Translation of medical documents and texts is a quite specific and complicated activity. Services of the kind should be provided exclusively by experienced and highly skilled professional translators who have the necessary knowledge in the sphere of medicine and are familiar with the special terminology.

There is no doubt that a translator can easily express his/her thoughts in the foreign language but performing an adequate and high-quality translation of a medical text saturated with specific terms is a really difficult task of quite a different level. Because if a translator does not understand all specific peculiarities of medical specialization his/her translation of texts in this sphere will lead to an absolute failure.

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