Selecting a clinic and a doctor of the desired profile

“Which clinic should be chosen and how can one find the best physician?” That is the first question asked by those who plan treatment, diagnostics or rehabilitation in Ukraine and abroad.

As is well-known each case in medicine is exceptional and a clinic and a physician should be chosen on the basis of your individual diagnosis and medical record. Everything is also complicated by the fact that there are thousands of medical institutions in Ukraine and in the world (in big cities as well as in small towns) which are ready to accept you for treatment. And in addition to that all these medical institutions have modern medical equipment and highly qualified staff.

There is no doubt that a translator can easily express his/her thoughts in the foreign language but performing an adequate and high-quality translation of a medical text saturated with specific terms is a really difficult task of quite a different level. Because if a translator does not understand all specific peculiarities of medical specialization his/her translation of texts in this sphere will lead to an absolute failure of the entire project and you will not receive a help in making the right choice. We prefer specialists with diplomas of the leading medical universities of the world who had internships with the best professors and who (which is the most important point) have a great practical experience in treatment of your very disease. All specialists use only modern methods of diagnostics and treatment.

Be healthy!