Services of a medical lawyer

Our whole life depends on medical institutions (we are born in a maternity clinic, then we receive vaccination, fight against diseases, undergo preventive examinations etc.).

When patients go abroad for expensive diagnostics, treatment or rehabilitation they are usually concerned about the following issues:

  1. How can one be protected from poor-quality treatment?
  2. Who will be responsible for medical services of poor quality?
  3. Who can one turn to for help?

Medical lawyers can answer all these questions and protect patients from illegal actions of physicians and other representatives of medical institutions.

Medical lawyers will help:

  1. To get a complete compensation of money spent for diagnostics and treatment;
  2. To receive compensation for moral harm;
  3. To recover other expenses (expenses related with diagnostics and treatment);
  4. To receive opportunities for after-treatment.


We will help to organize your meeting with a medical lawyer for solving all disputable situations arising in the process of treatment.