Physician’s accompanying to the place of treatment

Physician’s accompanying patients to the place of treatment is a necessary service for many patients who are worried about the state of their health during the flight or during transportation by train.

An important moment of medical transportation of patients by air is that this kind of transportation may be a stress for him/her. Patient may be subjected to influence of the following factors: turbulent flows, changes of barometric pressure.

DNIPRO PREMIUM CLINIC will help to organize medical accompanying by a physician to the place of treatment. Yet before the trip a highly-skilled single-discipline physician will discuss with you all nuances and unforeseen situations which may arise during the flight. This physician will inspect the general condition of the patient before the flight and will help to prepare the “first-aid-kit” (those medical preparations which may be necessary for the patient in case of deterioration of his/her condition). During the flight to a foreign country a physician will continuously control the state of your health, he will give necessary pieces of advice, quickly reacting on any changes in the state of the patients. Physician’s functions are over only when the patient comes under the supervision of representatives of medical institutions the patient is received by.

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