CHECK-UP program

Taking care of health of their children’s health attentive parents are trying to timely respond to any negative changes in condition of their children. The most of them are trying to prevent dangerous diseases by means of performing annual diagnostics (clinical examination) for their children.

 The world experience of prevention of various diseases and organism statuses has proved expediency and effectiveness of systematic annual health diagnostics.  Check-up helps to find out larvate symptoms of diseases at early stages and to take emergency measures for prevention of their development.

Check-up for children presupposes combination of highly specialized consultations and a complex of diagnostic measures. Investigations of the kind take one or two days. And during such a short period of time they give an opportunity to reveal possible anomalies or developing diseases children may have. Popularity of this preventive examination can be explained through an opportunity of an effective treatment even in case of the most serious diseases. After examination parents receive physician’s medical report about the health status of their children alongside with recommendations about treatment of the revealed diseases (if such diseases have been detected).

The program of diagnostics consists of consultations, carrying out investigations and other medical procedures including analysis of all materials received. In order not to miss

The best clinics for performing Check-up

  1. Hungarian Medical Center of Debrecen University of Science (Hungary)
  2. Asaf-ha-RofeMedical Center (Israel) 
  3. Medipol University Hospital (Turkey)
  4. Anadolu Medical Center (Turkey)
  5. Charite University Hospital (Germany)