Vaccination abroad

Discovery of vaccines became a real breakthrough in the world medicine of the 19th century and helped to defeat dangerous infections which claimed millions of lives. Up to the recent period people understood the necessity to prevent infectious diseases and up to the recent period nobody had any doubts about the fact that vaccination is a necessary measure and this matter was not discussed in principle. But up to date people’s attitude towards vaccination is quite ambiguous.

When speaking about vaccination from the juridical point of view any citizen of Ukraine has a right to refuse vaccination never being afraid of any sanctions on the part of the state. According to a number of laws as well as according to the Civil Code and Constitution of Ukraine vaccines as well as any other forms of medical care are voluntary. However, it is until now impossible to be accepted to nursery schools and schools without a properly filled immunization schedule. And that is why many parents find methods to break legislation by means of buying vaccination cards illegally and so they complicate physicians’ task if their child falls ill with a disease he/she is supposedly vaccinated of.

In our country vaccines against some ten diseases are obligatory. These are such diseases as tuberculosis, hepatitis B, diphtheria, pertussis, tetanus, poliomyelitis, Haemophilus influenzae, measles, parotitis and rubella.   

Pediatric vaccination schedule 2017

Since January 01, 2015 a vaccination schedule has become effective. It was approved by the Order No 551 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Specialists point out that the new pediatric schedule of vaccination was developed in accordance with the European view on the matter of vaccination and infection prevention.

Rejecting vaccination is a violation of children’s right for health and in countries of the EU it is viewed as absence of parental care.

There are some groups of people opposing vaccination. Their arguments are that a “great number of complications faced in the result of vaccination” is inadmissible. But we should not forget that vaccination has become a victim of its own success: we started to forget severity of diseases with vaccines against which are used up to date. And previously these diseases were a kind of “natural selection” when only 6-7 children survived in a family out of 15 children. And anti-vaccination movement is often supported by paramedics (homeopaths, osteopaths, healers), biologists and philosophers, as well as by politicians. The majority of such supporters have nothing to do with practical medicine, creation of vaccines and far less they have to do with pediatrics.

The main reasons of parents’ mass rejection of vaccination include the anti-vaccination campaign broadly established in Ukraine and a lack of high-quality vaccines.

Parents believe everything they hear about vaccination from their friends, TV and other media sources and so parents refuse to vaccinate their children. During the recent years an opinion has been established that vaccine bring more harm than favor for children. And in addition to that it becomes really fashionable to criticize vaccination and not to perform vaccines. But our poor children become hostages of this fashion.

Unfortunately, vaccines of poor quality which are strictly prohibited to be applied due to violation of storage conditions, expired “use by” periods are sometimes delivered to medical institutions of Ukraine exposing our children to serious danger and discrediting the domestic medicine.

If you go abroad (Israel, Germany) for vaccination we recommend you to obtain the filled in vaccination schedule of your child as of the moment of your departure (from the pediatrician or your family physician). And even if your child was not vaccinated previously because of certain contraindications it is necessary to take all documents conforming the reason why the vaccination was not performed.

Abroad your child should be obligatory examined before vaccination by an immunologist and pediatrician. And in case of necessity your child should be also examined by a neurologist.

Quality of vaccines in Israel and Germany – perfect. We are convinced that when choosing vaccination in the above-mentioned countries parents make a right decision protecting lives and health of their children in this way. 

Schedule of vaccination in Israel

Table of the routine pediatric vaccination

Schedule of vaccination in Germany