Treatment abroad

Probably every person faces certain health problems during his or her life/ These problems cause excitements, doubts, worries (both about oneself and about relatives) as well as significant financial expenses for treatment and medical products (as a consequence of such excitements, doubts and worries). But it often happens that payments made for an expensive treatment and medications is not a guarantee of skilled and well-timed help.

When speaking about capabilities of the domestic health care we should point out that problems of Ukrainian medicine are mainly related with lack of funding and outdated material facilities. And in view of this there are problems with well-timed detection of diseases (especially oncological diseases) as well as with treatment of these diseases at their early stages. In spite of that the highest educational level of our physicians (who have encyclopedic knowledge and are able to perform the most complicated operations) leads to the conclusion that treatment in Ukraine is possible and necessary.

It is not a novelty that receiving treatment in a foreign clinic is really a regular occurrence because an increasing number of people are trying to make a profitable capital investment o their heath by means of using the most up-to-date medical technologies at leading clinics of the world.

Many foreign clinics propose treatment to patients from other countries and that is why it is very important to find to find a proper medical institution which will give you hope for treatment and improved qualities of life.

When choosing the country and the place of treatment you should be first of all based on your diagnosis. A significant number of foreign clinics are specialized institutions working strictly in their area of medicine. Gustave Roussy Institute of Oncology in France or the International Center of Hearing and Speech “MEDINCUS” in Poland are good examples of such institutions. In addition to that there are clinics which primarily deserve to be trusted. As a rule, these are medical institutions with working background of over 50 years which provide medical services not only for foreign tourists but also to local population. 

Adequate choice of a physician is not less important. It is desirable to clarify the qualification level of your physician, his/her membership in professional associations (which appears to be obligatory in the selected country) or membership in international associations.

It should be noted that there are two variants for solving organizational matters concerning treatment abroad. 

  1. A foreign clinic may be addressed directly
  2. Through a tour operator specializing in organization of tours of the kind.

If a patient addresses a clinic directly he/she must be ready for certain hardships.  Let’s start with the fact that a good command of the language is necessary and in addition to that not all representatives of a foreign clinic will agree to communicate English with you. In order your documents could be viewed many countries demand for a translation of these documents into their national languages. And that is quite natural. And in addition to that the documents should be notarized (requirement in the USA, France, Great Britain and other countries). Documents properly executed and sent to the clinic are not a pledge of their immediate consideration. And in case with well-known foreign public clinics the period of consideration may be even as long as half a year.

Probably the most dangerous factor in case with independent organization of treatment is that you may fall for speculators who present themselves as the best physicians or official representatives of the leading medical institutions. The effect of treatment performed by such “specialists” sometimes may be really deplorable. And that is why before performing a trip you should be attentive about collaboration with the chosen foreign clinic.

On the other hand, for organization of your treatment you may address a company specializing in organization of such tours. In this case you can rely on knowledgeable assistance concerning selecting a proper medical institution. And in addition you will be released from cares concerning procurement of visas and transfer, hotel booking and translation of medical documents. And that will help you to focus your attention on your health.