DNIPRO PREMIUM CLINIC will invite you to get acquainted with the system of health protection

The Israeli system of health care is rightfully considered one of the leading ones in the world. In some spheres (such as oncology, plastic surgery, infertility treatment, diagnostics, information technologies etc.) Israel is an unconditional leader. Israeli innovative solutions in the sphere of biotechnology have been broadly introduced at medical institutions not only in Israel but also all over the world. In terms of many medical aspects of public health Israel takes the lead over many developed countries: in Israel infantile mortality is one of the lowest in the world and life duration is one of the longest etc. These indexes have been reached thanks to technical equipment at medical institutions, regulatory policy of the Ministry of Healthcare as well as thanks to the highest qualification levels of medical workers. This high professional level of medical staff members is reached by means of continuous training, qualifying evaluations/ certifications and licensing.

DNIPRO PREMIUM CLINIC offers you to get acquainted with the Israeli system of healthcare. We are ready to organize courses, seminars and internships of medical staff on the basis of major medical centers of Israel (including such centers as “Rambam” Medical center (Haifa), “Sheba” Medical Center (Ramat Gan), “Assuta” Medical Center (Tel Aviv) etc.). Training is performed in Russian or with assistance of professional medical translators and interpreters. Duration of Internship is from one week and up to one year. Training can be performed on personal as well as on group basis. We shall provide you with professional translators and interpreters, lecture classes, transfer and residence. The program of staying in Israel also includes visiting historical and holly places (individual and group excursions). Training is performed in all directions of modern medicine.

The main directions: · Oncology. · Hemato-Oncology. · Hematology. · Internal diseases. · Cardiology. · Emergency medicine. · Orthopaedics and traumatology · Interventional therapy. · Endocrinology and immunology. · Robotic assisted surgery. · Stomatology maxillo-facial surgery. · Gynecology and infertility treatment. · Hyperbaric oxygen therapy. · X-ray diagnostics and atomic medicine. · Medical stimulation. · Disaster medicine. · Basics of management at medical institutions. · Safety and quality of treatment. · Medical computer technologies.

After making correct capital investments to your personal education you will undoubtedly obtain a high level of knowledge and that will surely influence your career development!

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