DNIPRO PREMIUM CLINIC is the official representative of Ukraine in GENEFRON

Different people react differently to the same SOC (standard of care) treatment and that leads to prolonged suffers, unnecessary expenses and worsening of symptoms. 

 On the basis of this breakthrough technology giving an opportunity to predict the result of treatment for each separate patient Genefron has developed diagnostic kits (all CE markers) against the following viral and autoimmune diseases:

  • RA (rheumatoid arthritis) - two products.
  • MS (multiocular sclerosis) - one product.
  • CMV (cytomegalovirus) - one product.
  • HCV (Hepatitis С virus) - one product.

Genefron technology 

By means of its own biological and Bioinformatics tools Genefron has determined a large set of biomarkers (genes) which are specific for each separate disease and presenting expressed subscription of the personal gene. Thanks to this biomarkers Genefron has got an opportunity to measure intensity and rate of Individual immune responses and to define the result for each separate patient

These biomarkers make it possible:

  • To predict response to medical preparations before initiation of treatment including: (1) the type and the dose for humans, (2) reduction of expensive and inefficient methods of treatment and (3) prevention of unnecessary sufferings caused by ineffective medicines.
  • To present as diagnostics for existing medicines and new preparations which are up to date at the stage of development.

Advantages of Genefron diagnostic kits.

Genefron diagnostic kits have some various advantages including the following:

  • Simplicity of introduction and usage in laboratories (low cost) with the blood test as the only measure needed.
  • A short processing period: During 72 hours.
  • A low price ($ 1000) in comparison with prices for other kinds of treatment ($ 15 000- $ 50 000).
  • Easy application by means of standard laboratory equipment: Analysis on the basis of preserved white blood cells.
  • Accuracy: correct predictions in 85%-97% of cases. 
  • Uniqueness: Up to date there is not any product of the kind in the market (a high level of demand).
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