Artificial muscles have been invented in the USA. These muscles can be made of nylon

Engineers of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have invented a simple and inexpensive method for creating flexible artificial muscle fibers of nylon.

The scientists informed about this at the official web-site of the Institute. Artificial muscles are materials which can contract like natural muscle fibers. Researchers from the MIT announced that they had developed the simplest and the cheapest system for creating such “muscles”.

The key component used by the MIT scientists for creating artificial muscle fibers is inexpensive and widespread nylon fibers.  The new approach to using this material presupposes formation and heating the fibers in a certain way.

According to the scientists their artificial fibers can survive about 100 thousand cycles of contraction and in addition to that they can withstand energy of 17 cycles of contraction per second. One of the project participants affirms that this technology would be also useful in the textile industry. So, fibers of the kind could be used for making clothes and such clothes would be close to the body and so it would be suitable for everybody independently of individual body features. Or this technique could be used for making footwear.

“It is a simple idea which appears to be very efficient. The applied materials are very cheap and so the process of production is cheap and versatile. The method of actuation is presented as a simple electrical impulse. The force of contraction and the level of flexibility are really amazing”, - said Jeffrey Spinks, a professor of the University of Wollongong in Australia.

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