New opportunities in treatment of oncologic diseases

Oncologic diseases are one of the main reasons of morbidity and mortality in the world.  Every day cancer is diagnosed in 14 million of people. Every year the number of patients grows by 1-2 percent all over the world. It is expected that during the next 20 years the number of new patients will grow by approximately 70%. At the same time about 8.8 million people die of cancer yearly.

The main reasons of high incidence of cancer first of all include a bad environmental situation. Another important factor is increase in life expectancy in the world: with the increase of life span cancer incidence grows rapidly.

But up-to-date medical science is developing rapidly and many kinds of oncologic diseases can be diagnosed and treated at early stages. Now these diseases can be taken under control even at late stages and so patients receive an opportunity to lead a full life.

There are a number of innovations in the sphere of medicine thanks to which cancer will cease to be a lethal disease during the next 25-30 years and will become one of chronic diseases such as for example diabetes.


  1. Target therapy

Earlier the same approach was used for cancer treatment but then physicians determined a great number of modifications requiring differentiated approach. And thanks to that a separate course of treatment is now developed for each separate treatment on the basis of peculiar preparations which purposefully influence definite types of cancer by means of blocking centers of harmful cell growth and providing their quick destruction. This new unique concept has become a breakthrough in treatment of oncologic diseases during the recent 5 years.

Absence of side effects!

Chemotherapy which is one of the most widespread methods of treatment in the sphere of oncology is aimed at removal of cancer cells or at prevention of their proliferation and it may be used as a separate technique as well as in combination with radiotherapy or surgery. But medical preparations used for chemotherapeutic treatment destruct not only the tumor cells but also healthy tissues of the organism and cause serious side effects. The most widespread side effects are loss of hair (psilosis), nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or constipation. For example, in case of lung cancer chemotherapy causes anemia and chronic fatigue. It also leads to weakening of immunity which increases possibility of various infectious diseases in particular infections of upper and lower tracts and even to genitourinary infections.

Target preparations which have been introduced for treatment of oncologic diseases during the recent years cause a point impact on cancer cells and do not damage healthy tissues of the organism. These preparations do not cause psilosis, strong nausea and vomiting as in case with chemotherapy. They have quite insignificant specific side effects which are either not sensed at all or tolerated easily.

For example, the only negative effect in case of applying target therapy for lung cancer treatment may be appearance of skin rash. But event this reaction of the organism physicians tend to define as a positive effect because it gives evidence of effectiveness of medicines showing that they really work.

There is no need to visit hospital

In case of chemotherapy treatment oncologic patients have to regularly visit the medical institution where the medical preparation is administered during several hours. In case of target therapy patients take medical preparations in form of pills and that is why patients are relieved from the necessity to visit the medical institution regularly.

Treatment chances are increased

Target therapy is used for treatment of such widespread types of oncologic diseases as lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer and skin cancer. Up to date physicians are actively working to ensure a possibility to use the new method of treatment against other kinds of malignant tumors because this method of treatment appears to be 40-50% more effective for reaching success of treatment and it also improves life span and life quality of oncologic patients.

Point affection of cancer cells

Before taking decision about application of target therapy physicians perform a special medical investigation.  According to the results of this investigation physicians draw a conclusion concerning effectiveness of this method for treatment of each separate patient and if the results are successful treatment is started.

First of all, biopsy is performed. And after that physicians study samples of cancer cells for presence of genetic mutations. Receptors presented on the surface of these cells demonstrate the level of cancer activity at the given moment. Depending on that dosage of the medical preparation is chosen.

For example, in case of breast cancer investigation of the kind helps to detect from 21 to 70 genetic mutations playing a significant role in the process of cancer development. Thanks to that information physicians can choose a medicine which is the most effective for treatment.

Chemotherapy will be a thing of the past

Up to date physicians can confidently say that in some 10 years approaches to combating cancer will change significantly. The traditional chemotherapy will be substituted by biotechnologies as a target therapy.

It is expected that instead of the most chemical preparations used up to date new generation medicines will be used which do not cause a negative impact on healthy cells of the organism or have just insignificant side effects. Even now application of such medicines is growing with each passing day.


  1. Immunotherapy


Up to date immunotherapy has become another significant breakthrough in treatment of oncologic diseases.  Usually the immune system does not recognize cancer cells and that is why it does not apply protective mechanisms against these cells. And in some cases malignant neoplasms produce PD-L1 and PD-1 proteins making them invisible for the immune system. And in this way cancer cells being masked and perceived as healthy cells of the organism receive an opportunity of uncontrolled reproduction.

Immunology is aimed at stimulating our immune system in order it could recognize malignant neoplasms and could independently fight against them. Special target medicines including monoclonal antibodies give the immune system an opportunity to recognize cancer cells.  Thanks to this the organism starts its independent attack against oncologic neoplasms.

An especially great success of immunotherapy was achieved in treatment of skin cancer (malignant melanoma).  It helps to significantly reduce large tumors during a short period of time and in some cases it leads to complete disappearance of such tumors. Up to date intensive researches are carried out in the sphere of possible using immunotherapy against other kinds of oncologic diseases such as breast cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer etc. Up to date it is safe to say that this unique method of treatment will play a significant role in fighting cancer in future.

Cancer will cease to be a lethal disease!

Even today the rapid development of medical technologies gives a hope that in future immune therapy will be really actively used against such serious diseases as cancer. Oncologic patients will be offered a treatment giving an opportunity to activate the immune system and to increase protective functions of the organism without any side effects. Thanks to that during the next 25-30years cancer will cease to be a fatal disease and will move to the category of chronic diseases requiring continuous monitoring (such as for example diabetes).

An effective treatment by means of high technologies

Alongside with that radiotherapy is also in significant progress up to date. Up-to-date technologies of beam therapy can affect tumors more accurately never damaging healthy tissues.  For example, such leading technology as Truebeam STx ensures an extremely accurate radiation of tumors by means of directing a short-term radiation dose directly to the affected area and so the period of treatment becomes 4-8 times shorter and healthy tissues are protected against a serious radiation exposure. Cyber Knife device can be used for treatment of neoplasms all over the organism with millimeter accuracy. And Gamma Knife Perfection leading technology helps to fight cerebral tumors with great effectiveness and without surgical interventions and in just a single session. Thanks to that patients are released of pain, scars, long periods of rehabilitation, side effects and can return home the same day.

Thanks to such unique radiotherapy technologies effectiveness of treatment is increased manifold and the risk of complications

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