About the medical company

DNIPRO PREMIUM CLINIC is a team of like-minded persons who implement a complex of important interrelated actions necessary for performing an effective treatment of patients on the territory of Ukraine and abroad. We consider that timely useful information about various methods of treatment is extremely important because it significantly spares patient’s time. By means of rendering counseling services we do not cast doubt on capabilities of our domestic medicine. On the contrary we actively inform the public

about high educational level of Ukrainian physicians, innovation methods of treatment used at our medical institutions, rehabilitation centers and diagnostic centers.  We are firmly convinced that patients are free to choose a country, a medical institution and methods of treatment required for his/her absolute recovery.

Our goal includes the following:

  • development of medical tourism in Ukraine as one of the most promising and demanded directions in the sphere of health protection;
  • rendering help to patients with various diseases in organization of their treatment, diagnostics and rehabilitation;
  •  raising the level of medical servicing in Ukraine.

Our tasks are quite numerous. First of all, these tasks include collaboration with the leading medical clinics of the world, research laboratories, the best physicians with an excellent reputation. We are constantly looking for new opportunities and achievements of the world medicine.

The principle of our work:

The work of DNIPRO PREMIUM CLINIC is not limited to rendering a standard set of services. It is very often that patients going abroad for receiving treatment there understand quite clearly which physician and which medical institution they want to attend.  Strong-minded persons do not want to view compromise options concerning other recommended medical institutions. In this case our task consists not in bringing the patient over to follow the route previously determined by us but in making the best efforts to ensure effective treatment at the chosen place. Taking into account the above information, DNIPRO PREMIUM CLINIC guarantees high-quality treatment diagnostics and rehabilitation in Ukraine as well as in any other country of the world.