Organization of treatment

If the patient is to be treated in one of the domestic clinics or abroad, he has a lot of questions, and the fear of the unknown does not allow you to soberly assess the situation, then you need to pull yourself together and seek professional help from DNIPRO PREMIUM CLINIC.

Our acquaintance begins with your call or application for treatment made on our site. We will be happy to answer all your questions, invite you to a personal meeting at the office of the company, we will listen to you and we will definitely take the only correct decision regarding the passage of diagnostics, treatment or rehabilitation.

In order to travel abroad was organized in the shortest possible time, we follow a certain algorithm of actions:

  1. After the patient has signed the Agreement on the processing of his personal data, we ask you to state the essence of the problem and provide the documents necessary for the treatment organization (epicrisis, an extract from the medical history, fresh test results and conclusions from the surveys, in case of skin diseases - color images of affected areas, list of accepted Medicines);
  2. Within a few days, we process the patient's personal data, make inquiries to international clinics, talk with narrow-profile doctors, compile a program of treatment, diagnosis, rehabilitation, and indicate the cost of medical care.
  3. After agreeing all organizational issues with the patient, we sign the Service Agreement, which will specify the rights and obligations of the patient and company, indicate the country of treatment, the address of the medical institution, the name of the doctor (s) responsible for the patient's health, Contact information of the host representative, the cost (preliminary) for treatment and accommodation is indicated.
  4. The next stage is the registration of the necessary documents for the patient to undergo treatment (issuing visas, foreign passports, medical visas and insurance, booking air flights, translating documents with notary certification, etc.)
  5. Before going on treatment, the patient receives a full package of documents, contact details and instructions for their further actions.