Cost of treatment

Planning the treatment abroad, each patient, of course, worried about the financial side of this issue. And not for nothing, since the price policy in foreign clinics is several times higher than the domestic prices for diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation.

Although the exact figures in each individual case will differ, the approximate cost of medical care abroad can be determined quite realistically before the trip.

Answering patients' question about the cost of treatment abroad, we always emphasize that the final price of treatment consists of several components. The first of these is the cost of an individual bed-day, which means the day you spent at the clinic.

This figure is calculated from the cost of all prescribed treatment procedures, nursing care and full board. For European clinics, the cost of a bed-day varies from 550 to 1000 euros per day.

In addition, the price of treatment includes the fees of the head physician, who personally manages the individual treatment process, the rates for diagnostic procedures and various additional costs (interpreter services, hospital delivery from the airport, etc.).

If it is an outpatient treatment, then the patient learns the prices beforehand before the trip, receiving the clinic's answer to the request made earlier. Upon arrival, he independently pays all to the cashier's office, and the medical representative who accompanies the patient receives 10-15% of the commission from the final amount for treatment of the patient.

The cost of treatment abroad depends on a number of factors. A special place among them is the degree of fame of the medical institution, as well as its status (public, private or university). For example, treatment at a university medical center with world renown will cost several times more than comparable services provided by a small private clinic. This does not mean that the patient can receive treatment more at a low level. Just in the medical field, as in any other, the status and rating of the clinic attach special importance.

In many foreign clinics, there are international departments that accept and consult exclusively foreign patients. As a rule, such departments exist in public health institutions. If you choose a similar clinic, in this case you need to be ready for an extra charge of 20-40% of the total cost of treatment. Thus, hospitals receive rather good additional financing at the expense of patients from other countries.

An important factor in the formation of the price for treatment, in addition to the status of the clinic, is one important factor - the degree of qualification of the serving medical staff. If the patient wishes to be observed by a doctor with a professorship that has merits of a global scale in medicine, then he should be prepared to pay an increased, and sometimes even double, fare for treatment.

In calculating the final cost of medical services, the receiving party also takes into account the patient's age, duration of treatment (outpatient or hospitalization, rehabilitation), a specific diagnosis, the risk of possible complications of the underlying disease, the degree of comfort of the ward or rented housing.

Speaking about a specific country, it should be noted that in medical institutions of Western Europe, treatment is not cheap. Considering the rather high level of training of medical personnel and excellent equipment with medical high-tech equipment, when going to a treatment in one of the Western European countries, you can much more likely expect success, but such guarantees will have to be paid.

When going abroad for treatment, the patient should always be ready to provide a whole list of references, analyzes, pictures, etc. Often foreign doctors do not trust the results of our diagnosis and insist on doing it in their clinic, trusting their equipment and medical personnel more. Therefore, initially it is necessary to get acquainted with the ORIENTING prices for diagnostic examination of the organism.

An expanded blood test of     600-800 $

Ultrasound examination       300-350 $

X-ray                                          300 $

PET CT                                    1870 $

MRI                                  1350-1850 $

Consultation of specialists  600-800 $